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Extension Cords


DC Power Supplies

Extension Cords: I have gotten good deals from the following places:

Home Depot: They usually have a price reduction a couple of times a year. I used to be able to get a 100' 16 ga orange cord for $9.99 but he best deal I've seen lately is $12.00. If you're looking for the 6', 9' and 12' indoor types wait for the after Christmas sales when you can get a three pack for $1.50.

Wal-Mart: Same as Home Depot and keep your eyes peeled for those price reductions

EBay: Do a search and you never know. You may get a rippin' deal. I have found good pricing on the heavier cable I use to run power to the far reaches of my yard (200'). I use a four conductor 10 gauge cable and run two 30 amp circuits to a spider box (multi outlet box). Here's where I got my latest cable: AND


I have enclosures from They have a clearance flyer they put out from time to time. Their boxes are great. Flip latches and I have have some with clear lids.

Another great source is:

DC Power Supplies

I have used old PC computer power supplies like this:

I also have a few of these: here