Christmas In Kent


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Progress in 2011

Adding red and green C7 LED's to my gutter strings.

Adding Green LED's 

Built a roof frame for the Bethlehem Star today (09-04-2011). Still need to paint the frame.

Front Star Frame

Back of Star Frame 

Here's a couple of pics of (most) of the 2010 display:

Display 2010 

Display 2010 

I ordered up some of these which are my favorite clips for gutters.

Gutter Clip 

What I like about these clips is that they slip onto the gutter nice and easy. They can hold a C7 bulb (which I use) or a C9. Also by twisting the top over you can close down the holder and it will hold mini lights. I also use the bottom loop to hold the icicle lights. BUT the best part it that these clips can be removed by just pulling on the wire that holds the C7 bulbs in the upper prongs and the clips just pop right off the gutter with no damage to the lights or clips. While it takes better part of day to put these up, it takes less than an hour to take down about 300' of these.