Christmas In Kent

Progress in 2007

December 7, 2007 - Finally time for some day photos:

Missing to the left is the "Merry Christmas" sign and further to the left is the Nativity.

Here is the Forest with three mega trees, 12 stick trees, 10 brilliant trees and 36 mini trees.

New this year is our 12 piece nativity scene. We have 12 LED spots that light it up at night.

November 18, 2007 - All megas are up (but not all lights). Nick came by today and helped set the pole. Conner and Nick & I got 94 strings on the "B" mega in two hours! What a team!

All three mega tress up!

Here's what 18,400 LED's look like on the 34' Mega (it's still missed 800):

Looking to the top of Mega "A" at 34' tall!

November 10, 2007 - All the trig  trees are done. We had a major work party with Nick and John. We set the BIG Mega tree pole (32') and we detagged about 10 cases of lights. We got a full 6 hours from all including my two sons!

Twig Trees Done

St. NickSt. John

Mega Trees

Nasty Tags

Well well. It has been a while. Let's get up to speed. I put together a group buy of MR-16 floods from Easy LED in China. Great product at a great price. I am no longer buying from Best Hong Kong. I'm putting together the second group buy right now.

I've also been working on enclosures but I am way behind on mini trees. That darn barn is almost done. The final side wall will be complete tomorrow. Party after that event for sure! Here's what I'm using for some of my MR16's

This is my first DC light controller. I used an old PC power supply. I removed the PS from the metal box so it would fit better in the FIBOX enclosure. The PC power supply should have plenty of juice for the DC controller since I'm using LED's which use about a tenth of the power. This was an old style PC power supply with an external power switch. It had a 110/220 volt switch on it which I removed so I had to jumper out the wires going to that switch. The PS also had a fan mounted in it but I don't expect it to generate much heat running LED's so I took it out. During my testing I will see if it gets warm. I used some red/black DC pigtails from All Electronics and will have to finish the other side of the controller. I will use those pigtails to make DC extensions for my MR16 LED floods. I'm getting the MR16 LED's from Some folks have had issues with BHK but the LED's I've received so far have been fine. They dim just fine (that's the main issue with LED spots). I plan on running two of these DC controllers using MR16 LED spots to light up the house and maybe some trees. You can run a lot of MR16 LED's off these!

2007 actually started about mid December when McLendon's (a local hardware store) put all their Christmas stuff on sale. We picked up new LED blue icicles for the house. Soon the whole family was into it again asking what we needed in the way of lights. We ended up getting 16 cases of white mini lights from Target. When I say cases, I mean one case = 36 boxes of 100 count mini lights or 57,600 lights. These will be used to build 50 more mini trees and some "Leaping Light Arches". Next we hit Fred Meyer and scored red and blue minis. Later we picked up green, gold and purple from Wal-Mart and Home Depot. My big score was when I stopped by Fred Meyer in Kirkland and found 25 light sets of C7 white for less than $2 each. I can't even buy bulbs much less stringers for that. We will use those to outline the roof this year and make up some special chasers for the gutters.

Now it's February already and I'm still taking stuff down. I have lights on some trees still (not so you'd notice). I'm got most the obvious stuff down and put away.

Some of the planning for this year includes a new Mega tree design (so it can't come down), 50 new mini tress, Leaping Light Arches, roof outline with new chasers, LED MR16 floods (DC control) for the house. Stay tuned.....