Christmas In Kent


* NEW * LED Color Fan* NEW *
Static Light Dongle

LED color wash enclosure 
Strobe Chaser

LED MR16 spot holders
DC Controller
Rope Light Merry Christmas Sign
Mega Tree Topper Stars
Modify Egg Strobe flash rate
Make two channel extension cords
Mini Trees
Where I buy Stuff

How I built a Strobe Chaser

Strobe Chaser test bed


How I did LED MR16 spot holders

MR16 spot holder

How I did my DC Controller


DC Controller Box

How I did my "Merry Christmas" rope light animated sign
Click here for a short video

Merry Christmas Sign in rope lights

How to modify strobes

Modify an Egg Strobe flash rate


How I Do Two Channel extension Cords

How to do two channel extension cords

How I Do Mini Trees

How I do mini trees

Where I buy materials:

All Electronics
electronic parts, cables..
Tek Supply
wire rope, turnbuckles, earth anchors
Fibox USA
Great source for enclosures - check out their clearance specials
Harvest Moon
tomato cages
Zip Ties

Zip Cord and Vampire Plugs