Christmas In Kent

How to modify strobe flash rates

I had two type of strobes I needed to modify.

Thanks go to Dan Lagerstrom and for his how to:

The first is an egg type strobe (ES-1) with a standard screw base.

These have a standard flash rate of about 1 flash every 1.2 seconds.

The top just unscrews.

Unscrew two small philips screws.

Don't forget to discharge the capacitor (by shorting out the large black component) lest you get a shock.

Replace the R12 resister (13M ohm) with a 2M (or 3M).

This should give you a flash rate of about 3 per second.

The other strobe I modified was a standard curtain strobe (CS-64).

I changed out the R2 resister (33M ohm) with 1M ohm.

No pictures (sorry). The flash rate went from 1 flash every 1.3 seconds to about two flashes per second.

After I put the curtain strobe back together I sealed the power cord with liquid electrical tape and sealed around the lens. I will not be drilling a hole in these as I believe they should hold up well this winter. I will report on my findings.

Well here are the findings: No matter how well you seal "ANY" strobe light they will get water or condensation in them So it is better to drill a small drain hole at the low point.