Christmas In Kent

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Matrix Panels (4)
Pixel Arches (12)
Singing Trees (5)
Mini Trees (93)

Large 36' tall Mega Tree
Medium 24' tall Mega Tree

LOR Controllers (so far)
6' metal stick pixel tree (3)

Wire Frame Motorcycles (4)
Road Cones / Stanchions
Donation Box
E1.31 to DMX Interface (2)
Lynx Express DMX Controller Complete
Lynx AC & DC DMX Controller Kits

Chauvet 200B Floods (12)
Neo-Flash300 6 Head DMX Strobe
LOR iDMX (2)
8' Betheham (Holdman) Star
Ramsey FM100B Transmitter (2)
D-Light Controllers
Strobes - Xenon - 1000 watt DMX (2)
Strobes - Xenon - C9
100 amp sub panel (2)
Extension Cords & Cat5 Cords
(These will be available at CLAP & NW All Holiday Swap Meet)
Snow Machine - SOLD
Pixel Tree
Large Power Cords

Matrix Panels (4)

Four Each 48" X 96" matrix panels
Each panel has 1,152 pixels with each strip having 192 pixels.
Each pixel string has a 3 conductor connector on one end and
one 2 conductor connector on the end for power injection.
They are bullet nodes installed in a Boscoyo 2" X 2" ChromaMesh
panel. The ChromaMesh has an aluminum frame and SS handware.
The pixels are oriented in a up/down/up/down pattern starting
in the lower left corner with the frame oriented 4' wide X 8' tall.

$500 per panel

Each panel requires two 350 watt 12volt power supplies.
The original configuration was for 4 panels across and controlled
with a Falcon F16v2 and expansion board.
The power is distributed through Falcon disto boards (fused) for
main power and power injection.
The pixels were so bright that I took it down to 50% brightness.

Total price for all four panels with power
supplies (8), disto boards (8), Falcon controller,
Falcon expansion & pigtails:

$2,900 Plug & Play
(8' h X 16' wide 4,608 pixels)
(if you want a special configuration, just ask)

5 guy wires at the and 2 at the mid point

Rear shows 4 CG1500 enclosures for the
8 power supplies and one for the Flacon

The enclosures are mounted on steel frames
for gound support but they are mounted
to the fence in this case.

Inside power supply enclosure. Typical of four.

The Falcon show six output per panel. The Falcon
is only outputting signal and gets it's power from
one of the external power supplies.

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HDPE Arches

2" HDPE approx. 16' long
10' EMT spreader along bottom
Orange rebar cap with conduit clamp
Mini bungie cord keeps silicon pixel strip flat
Using Ray Wu silicon pixel strips
5050 12 volt 60 LED / meter = 3 LED / pixel
97 pixels per arch (cut from 100)
includes pigtail & 1/16" wire rope tie down

$100 each (9 available - 3 sold)
tested and working

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Singing Trees - 5 each

Holiday Coro brand 46" X 46" (large ones)
($370 each plus shipping RETAIL)
(plus parts & assembly required)
All framed with 2 X 3 painted wood
Three layers of 1/8" black coro on each frame
Each tree has slightly different eyes (my customization)
Each tree uses 8 channels of dumb pixels
CG1500 exclosure included with
27 channel DMX controller and 350 watt PS
All pigtails and connectors included
Includes 1/16" wire rope tie downs and
two 36" form stakes for mounting above ground

$250 each

Singing Tree #1

Singing Tree #2

Singing Tree #3

Singing Tree #4

Singing Tree #5

Form Stake holding frame above ground

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Mini Trees (93)

These are the staple of my display.
I made them all from 42" tomatoe cages (link)
I really like the shape of these.
You can buy the cages in bulk from about $2 up.
Each mini tree has 300 incandecent mini lights on it.
Most have 3 strings of 100 but a few have 300 count strings.
I tested & repaired each one for the 2017 season so they
should be in pretty good shape. I have a few boxes of
incandecent white minis so I will include one box with
every mini tree. Buy 20 mini trees, get 20 boxes of mini
lights. Oh, each tree will draw about 120 watts or
about 1 amp. Your typical LOR controller can handle
about 2 amps per channel if setup with dual inputs so
1 amp per channel isn't an issue.

$10 each (20 SOLD = 73 left)

Mini Trees

Each minitree includes a 12" galvanized stake and
paracord to tie each down. (you can barely see
the paracord in the middle of the tree)

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36' Tall Mega Tree
 $ Make Offer $
The largest of our mega trees uses a 2" schedule 90
steel pipe (about 1/4" thick) it has 4 tie downs at the
top and mid points. I used 1/8" wire rope for the
tie downs with turn buckles. I used eye bolt set
into concrete and covered with 6" green irrigation
covers. The top has a removable steel hook head
with 36 hook points.
I used 192 strings of lights, LED, C6, 100 count.
48 strings of each colors, R, G, B & W.
I controlled it with three 16 channel LOR
Controllers, 4 strings per channel = 48 channels
I am including the Bottom hoop (14' dia) made
out 1" square rolled aluminum tubing and
the mid hoop (7' dia) which is 1-1/2" rolled
aluminum tubing.
Mid hoop has aluminum struts connected to
a steel center tube bracket with set screws.
The center hoop is also fastened to middle
guy wires with u-bolts
Includes the exploding star shown and the former
5 part star that can be sequenced to similate spinning.

Bottom hoop shown with C6 LED 100 count strings

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24' Tall Mega Tree
 $ Make Offer $
The medium of our mega trees uses a 2" schedule 90
steel pipe (about 1/4" thick) it has 4 tie downs at the
top. I used 1/8" wire rope for the
tie downs with turn buckles. I used eye bolt set
into concrete and covered with 6" green irrigation
covers. The top has a removable steel hook head
with 24 hook points (I think).
I used 144 strings of lights, LED, C6, 70 count.
36 strings of each colors, R, G, B & W.
I controlled it with three 16 channel LOR
Controllers, 3 strings per channel = 48 channels
I am including the Bottom hoop (10'-6" dia) made
out 1" square rolled aluminum tubing.
Includes the exploding star shown and the former
4 part star that can be sequenced to similate spinning.

The bottom hoop is square which makes it pretty easy
to wrap light strings and have them hold. They just
don't slip on the square aluminum.
The bottom hoop it built in sections and spliced.

I am including the original star topper. It has
4 sections that can similate spinning plus a
fifth channel with twinkling.

Top view

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LOR Controller(s)

This first box is actually two controllers in a metal
NEMA 4 enclosure (weather proof - not water proof)
This enclosure holds two LOR CTB16D V5
16 channel 40 amp max each
This is old style deluxe board that can run
stand alone. See Manual HERE
The enclosure has a heavy steel cover that is
locked with two thumb screws.
Both controllers are mounted on stand offs and
all the pigtails are LOR.
Since I used this for controlling LEDs, I have
only power cord rated at 20 amps. The
total amp draw from the lights plugged into
this is only about 5 amps with everything on 100%.
(192 strings of 100 count LEDs)


I always mounted it at an angle instead of
flat on the ground to help rain run off it better.

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6' Metal Stick Pixel Trees

These stick trees started their lives as "Brilliant"
trees with 1,000 white incandescent lights on them.
I stripped the trees down to their frames, painted
them and strung them with 307 pixel nodes (dumb).
Each tree has nine branch layers (27 DMX channels).
Each tree comes with a 27 channel DMX controller
and 350 watt power supply in an enclosure.
The bottom branches (6) have a total of 42 pixels.
The next branch layer up (channel 2) has 42 as well.
The third layer has 36 and so on...

Hard to put a price on these since the materials
don't add up to much put the labor was significant.
Each pixel string is custom soldered into the count
needed for each level and each pixel is zip tied (twice)
to the branch.
I figure I have about $450 into materials for each.

$300 each (3)

I used para cord for guy wires as they can get
blown over in the winds we get.

Tree "1" uses a CG1500 enclosure and actually has
a 30 channel DMX controller. I had an issue with one
channel so ended up using channels 28-30. Mapping
channels is a bit different on this controller.

Tree's "2" & "3" use a regular 27 channel DMX
controller. The enclosure is much roomier type
of demarcation box. I don't recall the type.
Because these controllers are the older style with
the XLR type connectors, I've included the adapters
I used to convert them to RJ45. Tree #3 only
has one adapter as is was the last DMX device in line.

The trees fold up fairly flat and the bases are removable.

Each tree comes with a 12" form tube to store it in.

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Wire Frame Motorcycles

These four old school wire frames represented my family.
I was Santa, my wife was Mrs. Santa and our two
sons were the Elves. Each one is about 5' H X 7' W
The wire frames are of similar construction. The frames
are white powder coat and the lights are incandescent.
Each frame has a three channel chase controller so
the wheels similate turning. They were originally designed
to turn on and spin their wheels when power is applied but
I decided I wanted to be able to turn them on and then
make the wheels spin. I made custom frames for
them to sit on the peak of my roof. With guy wires and
sand bags, these frames never budged even in the
higest winds. Of course these can go in the yard as well.
Each frame comes with enough extra lights of each
color used (many) so you never need to look for
replacements of the correct type.
I am including the steel roof frames. They can be adapted
for just about any roof or used in the yard as they'll
raise the frame up a bit off the ground.
The wire frames fold down and in half for easy storage.
I have not seen any of these available anymore.
The LED version of Santa is available for around
$1,100 but has less actual lights and only 4 colors.

Santa $ 800

Mrs. Santa $ 700

Elf #1 $ 700

Elf #2 $ 700

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Road Cones / Stanchions

Various road cones:
18" with weighted bottom $10 each 10 available
18" with non-weighted bottom $7 each 10 available
28" with weighted bottom $15 each 10 available
28" with non-weighted bottom $8 each 15 available
All road cones have reflector collers.
39" Stanchions Eight each with chain as a set $60
(includes cone over stanchion on 6 for extra weight)

These 28" cones are a harder plastic. A few of them
have been hit and are cracked ($1 discount) but they
still function. These are really wide at the base

These are sold as a set of eight. Six have cones
on them for base weighting. Omly six are show.

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Donation Lock Box

Heavy steel "rural" mailbox.
Powder coated paint. Secure tubular pin lock.
Flip down door. Slot cut in top with silver painted around
for visability. LED lights inside make top slot and front
flip down more visable.
Includes coro arrow sign with flashing LEDs with
magnets on the back. I stuck it to my gate but
it will stick to the donation box as well.
The vinyl lettering can be removed easily.


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E1.31 to DMX adapter(s)

I have two unused (other than to test/demo) adapters.
This will take E1.31 and convert to 4 DMX universes.
These are still widely avaiable on ebay and usually
are around $85 currently.

$50 each (2 available)

Each one has a cat5 cable, 4 rj45 to XLR adapters and
a power wall wart.

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Lynx Express Controller(s)

These were built from kits and are a very cost effective
alternative to LOR AC controllers. Each is installed in
a CG1500 enclosure. These have wireless capabilites with
an additional module (I have those too).
Minleon purchased the rights of the Lynx Express from
its creator RJ a few years back and now that product is
available from WieDaMark for $199.
Super easy to program and test with 3 pushbuttons.
DMX input and Two DMX outputs.
These are setup for one AC input so the total board is
limited to 20 amps with 4 amps per channel max. which
for LED's shouldn't be an issue.

$100 each (7 available)

Each is setup for 15 amps total but you can add
a second cord and remove a jumper to get more capacity.

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Lynx PC Kits

I have Lynx Express DMX AC boards, Lynx MR16 DC
boards, heat sinks for the Express and many other
various Lynx boards and kits including wireless
The full Lynx Express kits are $70 which includes the PC
board, heat sink and components.
You will need cords and an enclusure.
I have version 3 & 4 Lynx Express PC boards. They
operate the same but the component layout and list
is a bit different as RJ (the designer) tweaked the design.

$70 Kit (1 available)

Contact me for other components

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Chauvet 200B Floods

These are Chauvet Color Splash 200B DMX flood lights.
They have 200 LEDs (67 red, 66 green & 66 blue)
They are a six channel DMX flood.
They are mounted in a green plastic flower pot with a
green flower pot tray hot glued to the bottom. The
cover is a clear plastic light diffuser (like in an office
ceiling light)
They have 12" DMX (XLR) cords mounted so they don't
have to removed from the cover to plug them in.
They are 110v 19 watt.
I had used 10 to light up my house but six
would have been enough.

The 200B by itself was around $180-$200 when new but
that was some years ago. I have two new ones I never
used and ten that were used two seasons. They are
all mounted in the plastic flower pots.

You will need XLR cords and/or adapters.
Since these are actually indoor theatrical fixtures,
they will turn on 100% (white) when powered on if
there is no DMX signal to them. I used them with an
LOR iDMX which outputs DMX even when no show
is running.

$100 Used (10 available)

$150 New - SOLD

This is what's inside the flower pot:

Mark Z had a really great idea when he saw these
flower pots at McLendon's.

I mounted these to a threaded stud on top of a
concrete form stake. That gives up/down & side
to side adjustability

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This is a six headed LED strobe with
792 SMC 5050 LED's and weighs about 20 pounds.
 (6 X 132 surface mounted LED's)
This DMX strobe is 10 channels. Manual
It comes with a 60" truss, wood base & clear acylic cover.
I bought this after seeing a video of it running here.
You can sweep the strobe back & forth or turn all
six banks on at once. I paid about $350 for just the
strobe but the short time I used it (two seasons),
I really liked it.
 The audience really liked it too. One available.

$250 (strobe+truss+cover)

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I have two if these little gizmos.
These are pretty handy as you can put them anywhere
in your LOR network and you have a DMX universe.

$150 each (2 available)

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8' Bethlehem (Holdman) Star

I built this out of 1/2" CDX plywood and followed
Richard Holdman's instructions here.
I originally used C7 clear incandesent bulbs but when
dimable C7 bulbs came out I replaced them.
The star is three channels. One channel is the
up down left right star. One channel is the four
sided star canted in the middle and one channel
is the 8 rays radiating out. Steel frame included.

$80 - SOLD

Tough to see the lights on the black background but
I guess that's the point.

I used C7 sockets at 12" centers and
stapled the extra wire on the back.
Because we get high winds I built a custom frame for
my roof. I used three 40# sand bags on the frame and
it never moved.

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Antari S-200X Snow Machine


Used December 2017
Ran about 2.5 gallons through it.
It worked excellent and down to 25 degrees.
Flushed with distilled water for storage
Wired remote - DMX - Includes base and cover

SOLD - $500 - SOLD

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Pixel Tree

Flat pixel tree using 14 each 100 pixel silicon strips
Ray Wu 5050 12 volt strips - 5M long
Falcon controller (blue) in CG1500 enclosure
Enclosure has mini ethernet switch powered off 5v Falcon
CG1500 enclosure with two 350 watt 12v PS
36" dumb pixel exploding star (4 channel) and
27 channel DMX controller in CG1500 w/ 350 watt PS
(DMX feed from Falcon)
Aluminum Frame 3/4" & 1" square tube with SS hardware
13' wide at bottom and approx 22' tall OA
All pigtails and connectors
3 ea 6' tall truss frames w/ connectors to support
frame but tree can be self supporting.
2 spare silicon 5050 smart strips
Tree will be broken down for moving and
is labeled for assembly. Strips will rolled on plastic spools.
over $1,800 cost plus labor


Middle box with vents has dual 350 watt PS
Boxes are painted black on their back sides
All aluminum connections are labeled

Falcon board uses 14 channels running at 50%
small network switch is in upper left corner and
is powered off of 5 volt output from Falcon board

27 channel DMX board using 4 channels for star
DMX signal feed from Falcon board

Pixel strips are zip tied to 3/4" square tubes approx
every foot.

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Large Extension Cords

Each cord has 4 conductor twist locks M/F
Each includes a shorter pigtail to connect to panel
Each cord includes a "spider box" that has
four duplex outlets with weatherproff covers
(some are missing their covers)
cord is 4 conductor 10 gauge 600 volt
CCI Seoprene 105 10AWG SEOOW
-50C to 105C FT2 Water-Resistant
All cords are in excellent condition with no cuts or repairs
New wire is approx. $2 per foot in bulk

sold-99 foot long - $99-sold
sold-153 foot long - $153-sold
sold-220 foot long - $220-sold


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More images soon...