Christmas In Kent

Zip Cord and Vampire Plugs/Sockets

Vampire Plugs (SPT1) at Creative Displays - 10 pieces for $7
(.70 ea. as of 11-12-12)(check for PC discount)

Zip Cord 18 gauge (SPT1) 1000 feet for $200 (.20/ft as of 11-12-12)

Don't forget your PC discount! (10%)

Holiday Technologies Vampire Plugs SPT1 (brown) $5.00 for ten (.50 ea.)

(I also get my three channel chaser controllers from Holiday Tech)

Vampire plugs (SPT2) at Action Lighting 12 pieces for $5.93 (.49 ea.)

C9 Socket for SPT2 Green (for curtain strobes) $11.41 / 100 (.1141 ea.)

(Pricing as of 11-12-12)


Novelty Lights

Vampire plugs, SPT-1 & 2 wire, chasers and faders